Sungold Tomatoes @ Radish & Rye

Picked up some Sungold cherry tomatoes from @villageacres at @radishandrye at the @broadstreetmarket today because I couldn't hold back any longer 🙂 These are packed with some seriously sweet flavor that encapsulates all of summer in one tiny, golden bite. Planning on pairing these babies with @mcgrathsbakehouse multigrain, herbs, and goat cheese. ☺️🍅☀️🥖🌱🐐#hburgmade #midtownhbg #marketdays #markethaul #tomatoes #summer #produce #eatlocal #cherishburg


Tea Drink Review: Elementary’s Kingsolver

I don't know about you, but here in Central PA, winter's not over until it's over. Which generally means late May or June. Until then, all bets are off. We often get lauded for our distinct four seasons, but sometimes PA gets a little over ambitious and tries to run through all of them in a month. Or a week, in this case.