New Dish Review: Irish Eggs Benedict @ Oxford Hall Tea Corner

I mean, just look at that. You know you want some.

A Fourth Breakfast

As a full-fledged regular at Oxford Hall Celtic Shop and Tea Corner in New Cumberland, I’m always excited to see the new dishes Cindy and Steve cook up for their already-awesome and painstakingly tested British-inspired menu.

Up until a few weeks ago, they only had a few official dishes falling on the breakfasty side: the iconic full Irish breakfast (now also offered in half portions), Scotch eggs, and baked eggs with cheese and vegetables. So when they announced they were adding Irish Eggs Benedict to the menu, I was all about another British dish to brunch on over the weekend.

Their version of Irish Eggs Benedict puts a welcome twist on the traditional American dish, and comprises a hefty toasted slice of McGrath’s bread (if you haven’t had it before, you should get on that), Irish bacon, one poached egg, and a hearty dose of parsley cream sauce with fresh parsley to top it off. The parsley sauce in place of the usual Hollandaise gives this a fresher, lighter kick than you usually get with this type of dish, which I definitely enjoyed. It was the right amount of yeasty, crunchy, salty, herbal goodness without making you want to take a nap immediately afterwards.

It’s especially excellent for those of us with somewhat smaller appetites who still want to pack away a full pot of tea and a scone or two by the meal’s end on a lazy Sunday.

Go check it out!